Lord Zuela


Pasadena, California - A rapper all his life, Lord Zuela has been waiting for this moment to arrive.  Born into a family of musicians, Zuela grew up listening to rap and house music. His father an award winning music producer challenged LZ to work on his craft both lyrically and musically. Zuela grew up listening to Kayne West, Dr. Dre, Dillion Francis, Skrillex, Biggie Smalls, Drake and Lil Wayne records, studying the craft of the rapper-beat maker artist. His first album, Backstory drops 10 epic songs crafted by Zuela himself. He calls his music ERM - Electronic Rap Music which uses various musical influences like Hip Hop, R&B, EDM - Trap, Dub Step and Moombaton.  Listening to his album gives the listener an inside view into the mind of a teenager growing up in today’s challenging times.  His songs are insight full, full of passion and raw emotion which is felt throughout the record.  Experience the sonic journey of Lord Zuela.


Lord Zuela - Sideview

Lord Zuela - It’s Not Your Fault

Lord Zuela - Talk To Me